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Too much to dream last night

Awful day.

Stood up much too early,couldn't sleep.

Fuckin' Nightmares all the time.
They wake me until I fall asleep.
Kitty cried all night long , the second reason of my non-sleep night.

I was too late at school , bus had an accident.

Many people hurt, one even died, I've heard.

Wahh .__.

School sucked a lot today.
I can't stand the headmaster , couldn't get up his fat ass all the time , just sat at the main door and wrote down the studens,who came too late .__.


 Got home, had to cook.

I slept while I watched TV , 'cause I was so tired..

 Jerry visited me today. Unexpected ..

He told me not to ignore his calls and stuff like that.

And that HE had suffered a lot because I didn't talk to him.
What should that mean?


24.4.07 16:18

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